Virtual Bottle Drive

Do you have bottles and cans pilling up? Why not donate them to Bosco’s virtual bottle drive!!! Visit any SARCAN depot and look for Drop & Go.

Type in boscocamp on the screen to donate the proceeds to camp. Follow the instructions on the screen to print labels for your order. Label your order and go!

Bosco Bucks

Did you know that camper fees only pay for about 50% of the cost of sending a camper to Bosco? The remainder of the funds have to be raised. We seek out grants and donations wherever possible, but a lot of the money comes from the on-the-ground efforts of our volunteers, who work long and hard to ensure that Bosco has enough money to pay our staff, maintain our infrastructure, and provide a safe and memorable experience for your children.

St. John Bosco Camp Association members have the opportunity to earn credits when they volunteer their time to help camp with our fundraising efforts. Come help out at a bingo or BBQ or with ticket sales (or other events as they arise – if you have any ideas, please let us know!) and you will earn credits that can be applied towards the cost of camper fees or canteen.

Once you earn your Bosco Bucks, you have 18 months to use them. They are only applicable to camper fees or canteen and have no cash value. They are 100% transferrable – dedicated volunteers may find themselves with enough Bosco Bucks to send their camper to Bosco for the cost of the administration fee ($50!)

Not in Saskatoon? You can earn Bosco Bucks by organizing a sanctioned fundraising event in your own community.

For more details or to find out how you can participate, please contact the camp office!

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