Carlin Preun

Carlin Preun

Camp Director - 2018

When I went on ALE in 2009, I didn’t think I would be making the same trip back up to camp for the next 9 years, let alone returning as the director (and that one time as the cook). In between my summers at camp I’ve managed to graduate from the University of Manitoba, travel through Europe, survive a few seasons of rugby, and hold a few slightly less interesting jobs. I’m still not quite sure what draws me back every year, perhaps it is the one minute commute to the mess hall in the morning, the absence of cell service and world news, or the carefree attitude towards facial hair. Or maybe it’s the friends I’ve made, the new opportunities and challenges each year brings, and the growth I see every year in the campers, staff, and myself.

Whatever it may be, if you are looking for an awesome time this summer and to get lost in the great outdoors (don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to find your way out), or maybe just want a newfound appreciation for running water, look no further. There will be bugs, and maybe a few blisters, but also a ton of new experiences and a whole lot of fun.

I am excited to be back for another year and look forward to seeing all the new and returning faces this season.

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