Senior Out-Tripping Programs

Ages 13 – 16

The Out-Tripping Programs (ages 13-16) let the camper experience 7 of the 10 days in the wilderness on a trip designed to safely challenge them physically, mentally and spiritually. They will leave the comfort of Main Camp and venture out with their group and whatever they can carry in their packs. Daily routines include setting up and breaking camp, collecting firewood, outdoor cooking, fire-watches, and following no-trace camping practices. Prerequisite for all senior out-tripping programs is previous wilderness camping experience, preferably through our Wilderness Skills program or a conversation with the camp manager (contact

Wilderness Out-Tripping Skills (WOTS)

Ages 13, 14, 15, 16

WOTS is designed for those desiring a challenging thru-hiking adventure.  This program combines wilderness skills and orienteering as campers plan and pack for 7 days of hiking to nearby lakes and streams.  Days are spent hiking over a variety of terrain exploring and observing nature up close.  Evenings are spent around campfires, cooking, relaxing and enjoying the Northern Lights in the company of new friends.

Prerequisite: Previous camping experience or the equivalent – Wilderness Skills (WS) program preferred

Canoe Out-Tripping Skills (COTS)

Ages 14, 15, 16

Have you ever dreamed of exploring like a voyageur? Feeling the water gently rock your canoe as you gaze up at the Northern Lights? Sharing some time with the beavers, moose and eagles? COTS is a program for those wanting a challenging water adventure. Your group will plan and pack for a seven-day canoe trip on a historic water route. You will get the chance to see nature close up as you paddle down the rivers and across lakes.  Basic camping, cooking, flat and moving water skills will be included, as well as time to relax and maybe catch a fish for dinner.

Prerequisite: Previous canoe experience.