Our Mission

St. John Bosco Wilderness Camp operates as a residential wilderness summer camp primarily for children. Programming for school year-end trips and adult and family camping is also available.

St. John Bosco Wilderness Camp is an invitation to all people to live, learn and share with each other in the natural environment that God has provided, while developing a greater awareness and responsibility towards it. Through this medium, campers are encouraged to grow physically, mentally and spiritually and to realize God in all aspects of life.

Our Aim

Our setting lends itself to being close to nature. We want our campers to feel at one with the life coming forth in all of our environment, to learn to respect and love the wilderness. We hope that every  person who comes to camp will learn to be responsive to the balance in Nature.

We hope that people here will grow a Bosco magic. Many new opportunities will help a person become more confident in oneself. As a result of this the whole person will be strengthened.

The child in people needs to be alive in order for people to be creative and have fun. We hope to establish sane limits, allow newness of  life to be  expressed, and provide new abilities for relating to others in  acceptance, forgiveness, and love.

Above all, we hope to see new creativity in the most important of all relationships – our relationship with God. We hope that the experience of peace around a fire, joy in community life, tranquillity in nature, beauty of the lake, etc., will be identified and understood. It is hoped that the awareness of God, felt and revealed  in nature, will be brought to new heights in community worship.

Our Philosophy

Our camping philosophy is simple and beneficial. At St. John Bosco, we believe in a program which can only be lived at a camp site. We believe in Christian camping. We want our campers to establish a real contact with nature. We want them to be attentive to their surroundings, to learn to respect their environment, and to use it properly.

We believe that through a well-guided experience in nature, campers have a deeper vision of God, resulting in a better understanding of His plan in creation. Closeness to one another in community living builds deep and lasting relationships that lead campers to a greater awareness of themselves and of others.

Our program, therefore, tries to reflect this ideal and respect the growth of each person. The sign of maturity in Christian living is the strength and depth of love found in life. In the same way, we like to build a program which will allow our campers to grow in love – love of themselves, love of others, and love of God.

We are “People Experiencing People in God’s Nature”.

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